Entity Resolution benchmark report

Also known as record linkage, or just data deduplication, entity resolution is arguably the biggest challenge for data-driven enterprises.

Did you know that most organizations use the wrong technology? Or that 82% of organizations are not able to import data in real time? Compare:

  • What technologies are used?

  • How fast can you search your ER data?

  • How quickly does your ER system ingest data?

  • How much data do you ingest?

  • What happens if your ER doesn't scale?

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Entity Resolution Benchmark report

What are the implications if you don't improve your entity resolution?

  • "Consequences of siloed and asynchronous data are manifold: Wrong decisions, Escalations"

    Survey respondent

  • "We're f**ked."

    Survey respondent

  • "Poorer quality data and aggregation metrics for clients"

    Survey respondent

  • "Scaling becomes problematic, financially as well as technically"

    Survey respondent

  • "Issues around GDPR Compliance, Data Deletion across storage layers"

    Survey respondent

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