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What is Identity Resolution?

Also known as entity resolution, or just data deduplication, identity resolution is arguably the biggest challenge of all for data-driven enterprises. 

Entity resolution
  • Messy and inconsistent data from disparate sources. 
  • Similar but non-identical data duplicates. 
  • Multiple copies of the same data record which should be linked. 
  • Siloed data in different databases.

Why is Identity Resolution important?

Messy, inconsistent, duplicated and unlinked data can cause serious and costly problems for enterprises. 

Inconsistent duplicate data

Improved accuracy

Identity resolution can help to improve the accuracy of data by identifying and linking records that refer to the same entity, reducing the risk of errors and false positives.

Enhanced insights

By linking records from different sources, identity resolution can help to identify patterns and trends that might not be apparent in any one dataset. This can be useful for making decisions and conducting research.

Increased efficiency

Identity resolution can help to automate the process of linking records from different sources, reducing the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

These are just a few examples of the benefits of identity resolution, but there are many, many more...

Imagine if it was easy to work with complete, linked and deduplicated data, no matter the volume.

Siloed data tends to stay siloed and conventional technologies can't solve the problem.

Graph databases, data warehouses and search technologies are too slow and don't scale for entity resolution.

What you need is a high-perfomance entity resolution service that is designed for high volume, real-time data. 

Data linkage
Data after entity resolution

Why Tilores?

Exceptionally Fast

Consistent <150ms response times. No matter how complicated the data gets. Perfect for real-time use cases.

Unlimited Scalability

Designed for serverless technology, there is no limit to the amount of data that you can simultaneously process with Tilores.


Ingest data in real-time and search simultaneously. Your data is always up-to date and immediately accessible.

Fully Customizable

Fully customizable data scheme and matching rules. The only limit is your imagination with Tilores. 

Privacy Compliant

Track data provenance and delete data automatically based on rules. Data privacy compliance out-the-box.


Get improved flexibility, stronger security, recuded overheads and improved performance with our GraphQL API.

Identity Resolution the easy way

Configure and test your deduplication and linking rules in our intuitive UI.

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