High-performance entity resolution infrastructure

Introduce clean, fast data into your enterprise. It takes just minutes to configure your matching rules in our UI then upload data via browser or API for instant results.

How Tilores works

Define your data schema

Tilores is data agnostic, so you can do entity resolution on any type of data you want such as people, companies, products, transactions. 

Define data schema
Rules configuration

Customise your rules

Our rules-based matching system and extensive repository of matching libraries give you complete flexibility to define optimum data matching rules for your use case.

Simulate your rules

Use the rules simulator to easily check how your proposed rules work against example datasets so you can refine your matching criteria before ingesting data.

Simulate rules

Ingest data

Upload up to 10,000 records via JSON. For larger and on-going datasets, ingest data via the GraphQL API. Your data is instantly deduplicated and matched in your Tilores instance.

Search entities

Search your data in the UI and view results in data or graph format. For ongoing use search and access data via the flexible GraphQL API. 

See results

Fasten your seatbelts as you see Tilores' search and ingestion performance in action.


consistent entity search speed, no matter the data complexity


real-time data ingestion speed allowing simultaneous searching. 

No scale limitations thanks to serverless technology. 

Get started with Tilores today

The fastest way to match and deuplicate data. Entity resolution software designed for data-centric enterprises. 

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