Data Privacy Compliance at the Heart of Tilores

With our background in a German consumer credit bureau, data privacy compliance is a core feature of Tilores.

Data Provenance

Within each identity graph, the source of all record data is recorded.

Access Controls

Control at the API level which internal users can access which data within an identity graph (based on data source).

Automated Data Deletion

Rules can be created to automatically delete data from particular sources after specific time-periods. 

Audit Trails

Every action within Tilores is logged and auditable.

Data Integrity

When individual records within identity graphs are deleted, Tilores will intelligently reorganise to maintain data integrity with no losses.

Explainable System

Tilores identity resolution works on a rules-based system, meaning all identity graph connections can be fully explained.

Tilores can also run in your AWS environment, meaning customer data never leaves your servers.



Fasten your seatbelts as you see Tilores' search and ingestion performance in action.


consistent entity search speed, no matter the data complexity


real-time data ingestion speed allowing simultaneous searching. 

No scale limitations thanks to serverless technology. 

Identity resolution for fraud prevention, KYC and marketing.

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