Survey Report

Entity Resolution Software Benchmark Report

We asked some of the world's top data-driven companies how they approach entity resolution.  

Discover how other enterprises perform entity resolution

  • Most companies use the wrong software for entity resolution.

  • How fast can companies search their data?

  • How quickly can other companies' ER systems ingest data?

  • What are the consequences if your ER does not scale?

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Entity Resolution Benchmark report

What are the consequences if you don't improve your entity resolution software?

  • "We're f**ked."

  • "Poorer quality data and aggregation metrics for clients"

  • "Consequences of siloed and asynchronous data are manifold: Wrong decisions, Escalations"

  • "Scaling becomes problematic, financially as well as technically"

  • "Issues around GDPR Compliance, Data Deletion across storage layers"

Identity resolution for fraud prevention, KYC and marketing.

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