High-performance entity resolution

Discover the features of Tilores that make it the data infrastructure choice for fast-growth companies that want to scale their data operations.

Faster than the blink of an eye

Consistent <150ms response times. No matter how complicated the data gets. Perfect for real-time use cases.

Why does it matter?

Entity resolution involves linking related data records. With conventional technology as the number of these linked records increases, the time to return complete entities increases significantly.

Tilores will return a search result in <150ms regardless whether the entity consists of 1 record, or 10,000 linked records. 

Unlimited Scalability

Designed for serverless technology, there is no limit to the amount of data that you can simultaneously process with Tilores.

Why does it matter?

With conventional technology, you need to provision enough servers to cope with peak possible load.

Thanks to Tilores' serverless technology, any amount of data can be handled, including sudden influxes of date.

Real-time record linkage

Ingest data in real-time and search simultaneously. Your data is always up-to date and immediately accessible.

Why does it matter?

Many technologies will only ingest data in batch, meaning the system is by definition always out of date.

Tilores ingests and links data as it arrives, in real-time. In addition, entities can be searched at the same time as data is added to them, which in most other technologies is not possible. 

Your game, your rules

Fully customizable data scheme and matching rules. The only limit is your imagination with Tilores. 

Why does it matter?

Entity resolution is only as good as the data that is linked together. It is important to underdtand how and why record A is connected to B, so that you can explain to other stakeholders. Tilores' flexible rules-based entity resolution allows you to fine tune your rules based on your individual data needs. 

Data compliance by design

Track data provenance and delete data automatically based on rules. Data privacy compliance out-the-box.

Why does it matter?

Tilores entities track the provenance of their source data. You can set rules to delete data based on its origin after set time periods.

Entities always maintain their data integrity when data is deleted or added to them meaning you can be confident that you entities comply with data compliance. 

Public or Private

Run Tilores in your own AWS infrastructure or sign-up to our public SaaS and let us handle the hosting.

Why does it matter?

You may prefer that your entity resolution data never leaves your own infrastructure. In that case, our private SaaS Tilores is perfect for you. Install Tilores into your AWS environment via Terraform in minutes.

If you prefer not to deal with running the software yourself, sign-up to our public SaaS and run Tilores via API. You can build your rules in our GUI and let us handle the hosting.


Data is ingested into and retrieved from Tilores via the GraphQL API.

Why does it matter?

Construct your own queries and retrieve only the data you need. Do data aggregations via the API so your

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