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Record linkage is part of the process of identity resolution

What is Record Linkage?

Record linkage refers to the process of identifying and linking records from one data source with another or within a single dataset that pertain to the same entity. The goal is to combine information from different sources to provide a comprehensive view of the entity, for example a person or a company.

We might consider record linkage as a synonym for entity resolution, but within Tilores we consider there is a difference between record linkage and data deduplication , which together make entity or identity resolution. 

Tilores Record Linkage

Record linkage in Tilores is the linking of two records, via "edges", when the attributes that are used to match the two records are not identical - that means some degree of fuzzy matching was required.

Multiple separate "nodes" connected together make an entity graph. In a normal data system, the more nodes that exist, the slower it is to retrieve the data. In Tilores, entities are retrieved in the same time, no matter how many nodes are in that entity graph. 

Record Linkage Use Cases

  • CRM deduplication

  • Data warehouse deduplication

  • Perpeutual KYC

  • Connected clients compliance

  • Fraud detection

  • Pre-CDP customer profile stitching

  • Company data source of truth

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