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Address Normalization & Geocoding API

Submit address data to our Address Normalization & Geocoding API to enrich your address data with geographic coordinates.

Geocoding API

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You can either request access to our Address Normalization & Geocoding API, or alternatively you can send us a csv file of addresses and we will return you a csv file that is enriched with geographic coordinates. 

No credit card required. This is a free service. 

What Is

Address Normalization?

Address normalization, also known as address standardization, is a process that transforms an address into a standard format by verifying, correcting, and formatting it according to the postal authority's regulations in a particular country. It involves correcting spelling, removing irrelevant words, abbreviating, and formatting addresses to comply with national postal standards. This process not only ensures the consistency of the address records, but also improves data quality, enhances matching accuracy, and increases delivery success. For instance, it could convert "123 Main St. Apt. 4B" into "123 MAIN ST APT 4B". It's often used in businesses, shipping, logistics, and data management, with the help of specialized software tools and services, to ensure the smooth operation of various systems. Address normalization is critical for tasks like mail delivery, customer address validation, and in geographic information systems to increase efficiency and accuracy.

Tilores uses address normalization in our own identity resolution technology to enrich address data related to individuals (and companies) so that the geocoding (see below) has a higher chance of succeeding. 

What Is a

Geocoding API?

Geocoding is the process of converting addresses into geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude), facilitating accurate mapping and location analysis. Our Geocoding API empowers businesses to enhance address data precision, enabling seamless integration with applications, websites, and software for a more enriching user experience.

Our geocoding API will normalise address data before geocoding, meaning that even messy and inconsistent address data with errors and misspellings can be geocoded. 

Tilores uses this geocoding API in our own identity resolution technology to enrich address data related to individuals (and companies). Using geocoordinates means we can use distance as a rule to match two records. i.e. if two records share certain similarities, AND they are located within 500m from each other, we may connect them together in an identity graph. 


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