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Public SaaS

For data wizards that want to kick Tilores' tyres or just work with small data volumes.

No credit card required

  • 10 rules

  • 1 user (that's you!)

  • 10k submissions per month

  • 1 instance

  • 2 API credentials



Public SaaS

For enterprises that need large-scale entity resolution, but don't want to deal with infrastructure.

  • Unlimited rules

  • Unlimited users

  • 50M submissions per month

  • 10 instances

  • 100 API credentials


Custom pricing

Private SaaS

For enterprises with advanced needs and large-scale entity resolution requirements. Run Tilores in your own cloud hosting infrastructure.

  • Unlimited rules

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited submissions

  • Unlimited instances

  • 1000 API credentials

  • Athena big data queries